Metaframe DashHub
Hedge Fund Ops Redefined
Metaframe Dashhub
is a focused, scalable, efficient data platform for complex hedge fund operations
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Trade Lifecycle Management
Loading positions to get ready for the current day’s activity are all automated.
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Trade Reporting & Clearing
Get end-of-day reporting and trade clearing to all brokers for allocations, using a simple point-and-click interface to generate and send reports.
Reconciliation icon
Match primes and admins before trading is all automated. Send highlighted email reports to immediately see which positions are breaking.
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High-Level Overviews
Create high-level views of your trading business to send to different counterparties. Compliance reports, pricing or risk reports, anything you can think of.
Onboard time reduction graph
Expedited onboard time reduction by 95%
Minimal staffing illustration
Startup hedge fund with minimal staffing
Reporting & reconciliation comparison graph
Complexity and volume go up, reporting and reconciliation time remain flat
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  • Formed in 2010 by former hedgefund CTO
  • Provider of Backoffice/Middleoffice solutions
  • Specializing in complex fund structures:
    • Multiple Prime Brokers and Administrators
    • Managed Accounts
    • Multi-strategy Funds
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Metaframe DashHub is a hedge fund platform that scales with the growth of your fund with efficiency and focus on operations that are most important to you.